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Nutritional Information
Fuelling Growth, Nourishing Minds

At Triangle Day Nursery, we recognise the significance of meal and snack times in your child's daily routine. These moments aren't just about nourishment—they're sociable and enjoyable occasions where children come together, fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities for older children to model good behaviours for the younger ones. 

Our Commitment to Nutrition

Balanced and Nutritious: We are dedicated to providing your child with a well-rounded, nutritious diet. Our menus are thoughtfully planned in advance, offering a healthy and balanced selection of meals. Each dish is freshly prepared by our skilled chef, ensuring quality and taste in every bite.

Individual Dietary Needs: Understanding that each child is unique, we cater to individual dietary needs. Whether your child has allergies, intolerances, or specific preferences, our team ensures that every meal aligns with their requirements.

Chef-Prepared Delights: Our in-house chef takes pride in crafting meals that are not only nutritious but also delicious. We believe that healthy eating should be a flavourful and enjoyable experience for every child.


Image by Markus Spiske

Hydration Matters

Drinks are an essential part of staying refreshed and energised. At Triangle Day Nursery, our beverage options consist of wholesome milk and water, promoting healthy hydration habits among our young learners.

As parents, you play a crucial role in your child's dietary journey. We encourage open communication regarding any specific dietary considerations or preferences your child may have. Together, we can ensure that your child receives the nourishment they need for optimal growth and development.

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