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Our Curriculum
Triangle Early Learning & Development Programme

The Triangle Early Learning and Development programme offers a committed team of early years professionals along with high-quality play-based learning opportunities to support each child's individual developmental journey.

Learning & Development

The programme offers assistance to early childhood educators, families, and children at Triangle. Five guiding concepts encircle the child to emphasise the value of an all-encompassing strategy for education and growth. The guiding principles ensure that all early childhood educators are able to assist each child as they progress through development. 


The knowledge and understanding of early childhood professionals about how children learn and how they can support that learning forms the cornerstones of effective teaching. Since we think that play is the best way for children to learn, everyone who works with children knows what play means, how it looks, and how it feels for any child who comes to the nursery. Children are urged to learn actively, and early childhood educators provide them with numerous play-based opportunities to expand on what they already know.

Learning takes place in a child's happy world, not in an adult-dominated one. The foundation for designing the classroom and surroundings is the magic of play and children's innate fascinations. The main goal is to make sure kids have lots of chances to acquire the abilities necessary to advance well in all subject areas.

The atmosphere at Triangle encourages adventure, curiosity and discovery. All children have access to a plethora of magical, inspiring, and motivational experiences and resources in the nursery, which mirrors the teaching style of early childhood educators.
Children have the opportunity to investigate the natural world around them in the outdoor setting, be it a nursery garden or a nearby outdoor area utilised by the nursery. Additionally, it lets them enjoy learning in a new environment and engage in physical activity. 

Germinated Plant

Our five guiding principles

Child development
A child’s development journey is as individual and unique as their fingerprint.
We understand the importance of child development and therefore observe children closely, communicate with parents and keep our own professional development and knowledge current.

We not only consider and prioritise children’s well-being, but we put equal priority on early years professional well-being. We support one another as we walk hand-in-hand with our children towards becoming the best version of ourselves.

Supporting parents
Parents are critical to ensuring early years professionals continue each child’s development journey sensitively, with accurate knowledge and with the passion needed to support all children to reach their full potential.

Early Childhood Pedagogy

Our early years professionals understand how children learn and how they can guide that learning. We focus on playful experiences that support learning holistically. The magic of play and children’s natural fascinations will be the starting point for all we do.

Learning and Development Environment
We provide an environment that promotes exploration, curiosity, and excitement by using a range of open-ended, magical, inspiring, and motivating resources and experiences for all children. 

Join Our Educational Adventure

At Triangle Day Nursery, we believe in a holistic approach to early childhood education. Join us on this exciting journey of exploration, curiosity, and discovery, where every child is encouraged to reach their full potential. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

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