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Rooms and Facilities

At Triangle Day Nursery, we understand that each stage of early childhood is a unique and crucial part of your child's development. That's why we have created specialised rooms and facilities that cater to the specific needs and interests of children at different age groups.

Kid Playing with Bubble

Bumblebees (0-18 Months)

Our Bumblebees room is designed for the youngest members of our nursery. It may be the first time you've entrusted your baby to someone else's care, and we want to assure you that we understand the significance of this moment. Our loving team provides individual attention within a safe and secure environment. In this room, your baby will experience a sensorial wonderland full of textures, light and creativity, stimulating their young, developing minds. We respect their routine and they have a dedicated 'sleep room' for peaceful naps. Our team works in partnership with parents, valuing your input and ensuring a smooth transition into nursery life.

Playing with Toy Train

Caterpillar Room (18 Months-3 Years)

The Caterpillar Room is a bright and spacious area that offers endless opportunities for exploration and creativity for toddlers. Our flexible environment adapts to the children's immediate interests and needs, providing a safe and diverse range of activities that encourage them to manage risks and challenges. Each child is assigned a Key Person who plans for their happiness and development, covering all aspects of learning. Indoor and outdoor activities are part of the daily routine, creating a well-rounded experience.

Image by Christopher Ryan

Butterfly Room (3-5 Years)

Our Butterfly Room is an exciting space for preschoolers, located in close proximity to the sensory room with access to our outside terrace. The room facilitates a 'free flow' between all areas. We prioritise a hands-on experiences, including trips into the local community to introduce children to the world around them. Each child is allocated a Key Person who tracks their developmental stage and supports parents with any inquiries. Progress is recorded in individual Learning Journeys, which parents are encouraged to take home and contribute to. Our room is filled with diverse resources including musical instruments, games, painting equipment and various educational tools.

Outdoor Play Area

Each room has direct access to our well-designed garden area, offering a balanced combination of grass and an all-weather surface. The garden is equipped with soft impact surfacing for climbing and swing apparatus, providing an attractive and safe space for outdoor play.

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